High Speed Roofing

Over 70 M per minute with non-stop cutting (flying shear) device Sen Fung's roof panel roll forming machine can fit your need - high speed, mass-production and stable production line.

Pre-cut C&Z

The web sizes from 100 to 300 mm and flange from 50 to 100 mm. Thickness self-regulated. C or Z profile fully automatically changeover less than one minute just push a button on the control cabinet. Pre-cut system not cut-off dies required.

Post-Cut C&Z

The web sizes from 100 to 350 fully automatically interchanging from Cee to Zee and different sizes of flanges as well. Moreover for changing from C to Z just push a button on the control cabinet. Of course, holes-pre-punching system optional is available.


Up to 40 M per minute continuously running the high speed decking rollforming line providing the most efficient mass-production machine. Without hydraulic power pack, easier for maintenance.


We have various uncoilers to suit your demand. UC1A is single cradle with 1,100kg loading ability uncoiler, if you don't really need a heavy duty uncoiler, UC1A will be the best solution. Otherwise UC4D which has 10,000kg capacity will fulfil most users.


With a stop to cut stationary shear about 25 M/min with PLC control. Reliable machine built with our experience since 1963 and high quality policy. Sen Fung's standard roof panel roll forming machine would be your best solution for metal roofing sheet.


High quality, light, and easy installation are the main features of coated roofing tile sheet. The depth of step is adjustable. Our product can achieve 27 steps per minute with non-stop flying press and cut-off.


The best solution to save your space in your factory. Top and bottom rolls can produce different profiles etc. AG panel and R panel.


The SENFUNG hollow profile series roll forming machine would be able to simply exchange the cassette for various dimension. The shearing equipment is applicable for burr-free cut-off and non-distortion finish products.


The flange rollforming line is specialized designed for producing the flanges of the vantilation air ducts. The shearing equipment is applicable for burr-free and non-distortion finish products.


Up to 120 M/min speed providing you the best beneficial result. The service hole can be punched in-line with the flying punching and cut-off system.


From the coil to finish products only few seconds. We provide you the fully automatic machine with in-line punching. Production speed for main runner up to 8 pcs / min and 2' cross-runner up to 50 pcs/ min.


Special joint design, all punching online technology bring you second-process-free works. NC feeding device ensures the length and punching accuracy according to customers' requirement.


Shelving roll forming machine can produce 6 pcs shelves per minute with holes punching pre-notching and the ends bending over online.


Storage Rack roll forming machine we can provide you the integrated full line turn-key including NC feeder, power press, punching tools, flying cut-off, run-out table and stacker.


Up to 4.3 mm steel the guardrail roll forming machine is running with a programable computer system to make over 50 different hole patterns on the products by our pre-punching system.


The system is an integrated application for the design manufacture and management of steel framing construction. And also addresses the full requirements of all type of framed construction designs, complete with certified engineering and production output. This integration strip away time, hassle and cost from your production process.


High speed, solid HF welding system, scraping free tube mill regardless steel or stainless steel. Flying cut-off makes clean cut edge and precisely lenth tolerance.