Advantage (Certified with Muliti-Patents)

Fully Automatic Roofing machine.

Machine base is available for Quick Change platform type, multi-profile purposes.

Production Speed: 25M/min. Product Length: 2.0 ~ 12M.

Raw Material: Pre-Painted steel sheet G300 ~ 550. Plate Thickness: 0.3 ~ 0.6mm.

Automatic motorized cutting machine.(no hydraulic / pneumatic required).

Automatic piling device. Quantity / Batch automatic production mode available.

Machine Progress: Decoiler → (Option: Pre Cut) → Rollforming → Motorized Cut-off → Conveyor → Single sided Piling device

It is specially designed forming roofing corrugated sheet, wall panel,floor deck, under mass-production. The highest speed of the line can reach to 75 M/min working with fully automaticlly stacking system.